Acharya Vidyasagar

  • Name Before Deeksha: Vidyadhar
  • Date Of Birth: 10th October 1946
  • Place Of Birth: Sadalga, Dist. Belgaum, (Karnataka).
  • Father Name : Shri Malappa Ashtge
  • Mother Name:Shrimat
  • Muni Deeksha :30.06.1968
  • Place of Deeksha: Ajmer (Rajasthan)
  • Deeksha Guru: Acharya Gyansagarji


Acharya Vidya Sagarji Maharaj was born on 10th October 1946 in  village Sadalga (Karnatka). He was digambar jain by cast. His Father’s name was Shri Malappa Ashtge and mother’s name was Srimati devi.

Acharya Vidyasagarji is a bachelor. He adopted BRAHMACHARYA VRAT by MUNI DESHBUSHAN in early age and MUNI INITIAN on 30.06.1968 at AJMER, RAJASTHAN by ACHARYA GYAN SAGARji.

He adopted the acharya pad, the highest position of jain saint on 22nd November 1972 at Nasirabad , Rajasthan by acharya Gyan Sagarji

He is a very learned man knows the languages – Hindi/ English/ Sanskrit/ Kenned/ Prakrat etc.

Acharya Sri Vidya Sagarji has been a source of inspiration for the construction, development and renovation of Jain temples and Images all over India. Acharya Sri always inspired to invite scholars of eminence to have discourses on different subjects . Acharya Sri has also taken classes to teach his disciples different Granthas.

More than hundred books articles have been written on Acharya Sri 108 Vidya sagarji by eminent scholars and dedicated devotees. Also a number of Cassettes, C.D.,etc. has been released on Acharya Sri Vidya Sagarji. The book, Mook Mati written by Acahrya Sri is the most important subject covered by the research scholars.