GirnarJi (Junagarh), Gujarat

Girnar Hill is a famous sidhh kshetra. There are 5 tonks on the hill. a way goes to sahartraramvan ( the diksha place of bhagwan neminath). The footprints of Bhagwan neminath could be seen here. One has to climb 4400 steps to reach first tonk; 900 steps from 1st to 2nd tonk; 700 steps fron 2nd to 3rd; 2500 steps for 3rd to 5th and 1499 steps from 1st to sahartaramavan. 3rd to 4 th tonk is to be covered on natural way climbing the stones.

By Road- Buses are available for reaching up to Junagarh from Ahemdabad and other cities of Gujarat. Auto Rickshaws from Junagarh are available for going up to Girnaar Kshetra (a distance of 6 km).
By Rail- Junagarh Station (6 km from Kshetra):
Nearest Airport- Rajkot (100 km).

Nearby Places:

A Jain temple & Dharmashala is available at ‘Jagmal Chouk’ in Junagarh.
In Junagarh – Inscriptions of Ashoka, Rajul Mahal, Nawab Ka Mahal, Museum, Mohabbat Makbara etc.