Kunthal Giri, Maharashtra

यह क्षेत्र कुलभूषण एवं देशभूषण मुनिवरो की मोक्ष स्थली हैं. इन दोनों मुनियो की शबर संगमरमर की ३ फ़ुट ऊँची पाषण की तथा पीतल की १ फ़ुट ३ इंच ऊँची प्रतिमाये हैं. बायी ओर मुनि सुव्रत्नाथ भगवान की तथा शांतिनाथ भगवान की २ फ़ुट ४ इंच अवगाहन की प्रतिमाये विराजमान हैं. पार्श्वनाथ मंदिर में भगवान पार्श्वनाथ की अद्वितीय प्रतिमा विराजमान हैं.

Once upon a time while Ram – Lakshmana with Seeta were in nearby forest during their 14 years period of living in forest, they heard uproar and many terrible sounds on the hill. They came to know that a god of heaven (enemy of previous life) troubling to both saints, Ram – Lakshmana then went to hill and freed them from trouble (Upsarga). Simultaneously both the ascetic saints attained Kevalgyan (Super natural knowledge) and also salvation from there.

This Kshetra is situated on 175 feet high hill. Two ancient images of foot pairs of Kul Bhushan & Desh Bhushan are installed here in the main temple.

How to reach:

Busses from Osmanabad, Sholapur, Beed to Bhoom, stay near the Dharmshala of Kunthalgiri.
Train – Yedashi & Varshi Town
Airport – Aurangabad 200 km

Nearby Places:

72 KM away from Kurdwadi,

120 KM away from Solapur,

60 KM away from Beed in Usmanabad District, Maharashtra.