Mombasa jain temple, Kenya

an important fact to be aware of when you pay a visit to Mombasa’s Shree Jain Temple, the first of its kind to be constructed outside of the Asian continent. Built in 1963, this beautifully decorated white marble structure is adorned with statues, gold spires, silver doors and plenty of other features that make it well worth your time and attention. It’s located just outside the southwestern borders of Old Town which means you won’t have to walk far to find it, and guided tours will be gladly provided for visitors.
in Jaunary 1980 the first Digamber Jain Mandir outside India was opened in the presence of Pujya Kanji Swami who travelled out of India for the first time at the age of 90. The Mandal hosted 400 guests from India for the 26 day function which included the pratishta, twice daily lectures of Pujya Kanji Swami and numerous cultural programmes. The grand Mandir houses the pratimajis of Shantinath, Neminath, Parasvanath, Mahavir swami, Simandhar swami, and a bhavi Tirthankar.

A Jin Mandir and Swadhyay hall mean that activities take place very regularly. There is daily abhishek and poojan in the mandir. Daily lectures based on recordings of Pujya Kanji Swami’s discourses and from a resident vanchankar take place. Classes and a children’s patshala have also been running for many years. Auspicious Jain days are celebrated with special poojas, aarti, bhakti. The Mandal invites Pandits from India twice a year with one regularly coming during the time of Paryushan. A very comprehensive Jain library is maintained holding vast literature including children’s books.


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