Asht Dravya – Jain Puja Samagri

Jain Puja Samagri consist of Eight Elements and hence they are called Ashta Dravya. Each of the Dravya has its own importance.These Ashta Dravya are as follows:

Water (Jal): –The pure and clean & clear water.I offer you this water for destroying my cycle of life and death. This has not been able to quench my eternal thirst.

Chandan  (Sandal wood): –The water mixed with chandan (sandal wood paste). I offer you this sandalwood to destroy the anger in me, as this has not been able to keep me calm and undisturbed.

Akshat  (Rice): –Properly washed unbroken white rice. I offer you this unbroken rice to achieve the non-destructible treasure of joy.

Pushp (flowers): – The rice colored with Saffron. I offer you these flowers to destroy lust and passion in my being.

Newaidhya  (coconut): – The inner white portion of coconut cut into very small cubicles. I offer this Newaidhya in order to win victory over my passion of greed.

Deepak  (lamp or candle): – The inner white portion of coconut cut into very small cubicles colored with saffron.  I offer you this Deep (lamp) in order to destroy the darkness of my delusions.

Dhoop  (Incense): –These are pieces of chandan wood. (Also taken as Havan samagri). I offer you this incense in order to destroy the eight kind of karmic matter that settles in my being.

Fruits  (Phal): – These are almonds, clove, cardamom, chironji or dry dates. I offer fruits to achieve the fruit of complete liberation of my soul.

Argh (A mixture of all the above mentioned items): – I offer the Argh      ( the mass of the eight substances in order) to get the highest and everlastinghappiness that isMoksha.