Acharya Pushpdant Sagarji

  • Name Before Deeksha: Sushil
  • Date Of Birth: 01st Janurary 1954
  • Place Of Birth: Gondiya (Mahashtra).
  • Father Name : Shri Komalchand
  • Mother Name:Shrimati Mathuradevi
  • Muni Deeksha : 31st January, 1980
  • Place of Deeksha: Lalitpur (U.P).
  • Deeksha Guru: Acharya Vimalsagarji Maharaj

Acharya Pushpdant Sagar is a saint who practices meditation, distributes knowledge and he walks through his path over the edge of 28 fundamental characters but still serving mankind is motto of his life. Pushpgiri Tirth is his greatest dream that is coming true. Pushpgiri Tirth is an endeavor to establish nobility, care and help to mankind.. 25 major dream Projects are under progress, like Vatsalaya Dhaam (Muni Shree 108 Pulak Sagar Ji Maharaj), Muni Tarunsagar Sabhagreh (Muni Shri 108 Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj), Muni Saurabh Sagar Cancer Hospital, Sant Niwas, Guru Bhawan and many more. Such a great Saint was born on 1st January when the sun was rising at the home of Shri Komalchand Jain and Shrimati Mathuradevi Jain at Gondiya (Mahashtra).
He was named Sushil by his parents. It was a big family they left Gondia and shifted to Chhatarpur but all in vain still facts did not help them. They had to face economic crises there too. As a result a child Sushil did not have a childhood but it turned into a professional phase. He was a wise, clever and tolerant since his childhood as it shows his name “Sushil”. He had education with problems, lake of resources but completed it. He was active in all his college activities and graduated with P.S.C. also. But lines of his palms were showing him to attain the heights of Adhyatma (spirituality).