Bijapur – Karnatak

यहाँ भगवान पार्श्वनाथ की सातिशय प्रतिमा लगभग १५०० वर्ष पुराणी हैं. १००८ सर्प फनों से सुशोभित होने के कारन यह प्रतिमा शास्त्रफनी कहलाती हैं. हर फन भीतर से झुदा होने के कारन अभिषेक का जल या दूध हर फेन से उतारते हुए मूर्ति को अभिषिक्त करता हैं

There are about 1500 years old, statue of Bhagwan Parshwanath. believed that a Cobra snake saved the life of Bhagwan Parshwanath and another protected the Buddha Bhagwan. This city is the birth place of great poet Shri Pump, who wrote Pump Ramayana & Mallinath Puran (The life story of Lord Mallinath – 19th Teerthankar) in Kannara Language and became immortal in the field of literature.

how to reach:

From Solapur (Maharashtra) to Banglore (Karnataka) on N.H. 13, at 90 km away from Solapur.
Bijapur is also a main station on Solapur-Banglore Railway Line.

Nearby Places:

Bijapur is famous in the world for world’s second largest ‘Gol Gumbaj’ (A Dome) with a diameter of 40 meters standing without pillars. Here’s a specialty like – reflection of sound, seven storied minarets and architecture are sell bounding.
Here’s Kareemuddeen Maszid is also important which was a Jain Temple at some time. Gagan Mahal, Bara Kaman, Ibrahim Roza and others are also to be viewed.