Toronto, Canada

The Jain Society of Toronto (JSOT) was chartered in 1974 as a non-profit religious institution, by visionary group of individuals with the objective to provide a forum for Jains to observe and perform various activities related to Jainism, to preserve Jain culture for future generations, and to promote fellowship among all Jains.

Having started from only a few local families, the society has now grown to over 600 life and annual Jain members and over 1000 families on the mailing list. The hard work and involvement of all our members is reflected in our contributions to the community. From providing a forum for young Jains to learn and discourse about Jainism to playing an instrumental role in affecting and influencing numerous Canadian and international policies, JSOT actively engages in promoting Ahimsa. With members sitting on various councils at the provincial and federal level, JSOT is able to raise awareness and influence Canadian policy and decision-makers to include Ahimsa and the ecological tenets of Jainism in their charters.


48 Rosemeade Avenue
ON M8Y 3A5