Types of Dhyana (Meditation)

To keep the mind always engaged in one thought continuously or to concentrate the mind only on one thing or thought, is called ‘Dhyana’ (Meditation)..

The human mind never remains thoughtless even for a moment. It remains constantly engaged, thinking of good or bad things whether necessary or not, and whether they areof our immediate concern or not. This concentration could arise from intense passions like attachment, lust, or animosity or from the search for the truth and from absolute detachment towards worldly affairs.

Considering these varieties of thoughts and their implications , Jainism has categorized these thoughts in four parts:

 1. Arta Dhyana (Sorrowful Meditation)

 2. Raudra Dhyana (Wrathful Meditation)

 3. Dharma Dhyana (Righteous Meditation)

4. Shukla Dhyana (Pure,Spiritual Meditation)

The first two are inauspicious and the latter two are auspicious. (Why they are called so will be clear once we discuss each of these dhyana separately)

If you observe the state of mind of the people, animal you will realize that most of them are always absorbed in the first two types of meditation (sorrowful and wrathful). Only few of them who are seeking liberation will be found in the righteous and pure meditation.