Gati (State of Existence)

Gati (Jati)  means transmigration of bondaged worldly being form one birth to another. Till the time a soul doesn’t achieve complete liberation (moksha) , the soul goes through perpetual cycle of births and deaths in different bodies. It wanders amongst four particular life conditions, state of existence (Gati) or the class of being (Jati)  based onKarma (good or bad) associated with it. Not only the type of Jati but also the life-span in each body acquired is also determined by these Karmas only.

The four conditions (Gati) broadly grouped are as follows :

  1. Devagati : (Angels) celestial beings in Heaven
  2. Narakigati : (Infernal beings) in hell
  3. Tiryancagati: (Subhumans) where they live as animalsetc
  4. Manusyagati : (Human condition-several types-Jati)