Watch Mahamastakabhisheka live on your cellphone in February

HASSAN: This year, the devotees, visitors and those who couldn’t make it to the event due to unavoidable circumstances can watch the Shravanabelagola Mahamastakabhisheka event live from any part of the world in the virtual reality format. A smartphone to scan the QR code, 3D spectacle and 2G connection is enough to for this. Aimed at ensuring best of the experiment of this Mahamastakabhisheka to the devotees, the Mahamastakabhisheka organizing committee has decided to provide live feed in 3D format simultaneously across the globe. As per the decision was taken by the organizing committee, it is also decided to procure around 20 lakh 3D spectacles for those who can’t afford the spectacles.

Speaking to The Times of India, B N Varaprasad Reddy, special officer, Shravanabelagola Mahamastakabhisheka 2018, this initiative will help the devotees to have the realistic experience of this ceremony without climbing the Vindhagiri!.

Shravanabelagola Mahamastakabhisheka has been scheduled between February 17 and 25, 2018. Around 40 lakh devotees expected from across the world for this event.

“We have tied up with a private firm under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme to provide the live 3D feed for the devotees. These feed will be made available on all the available platforms. Those who want to watch this feed need to scan the QR code. All types of visuals including live, differed live and stored videos can be viewed through this,” he said.

“Generally in the live feed, many times, viewers can’t feel the realistic sound. To ensure that viewers will get the feel of the event, we are using the 3D technology. This will enable the viewers to get the real feeling of what is happening on the Vindhyagiri,’ he said.

“Our aim is ensuring that devotees who can’t make it to this event will enjoy the Mahamastakabhisheka by sitting in their homes. It is hugely beneficial to poor, disabled and those who are staying in foreign countries,” he said.

“We are also contemplating with the idea of procuring 3D spectacles which is necessary to view the 3D videos. A 3D spectacle cost around Rs.90. So, we are exploring all the options on how we can provide 3D spectacles for the devotees at a free of cost, ‘ he said.

360-degree visuals: As per the plan, viewers can watch the 360 degrees visual of the Mahamastakabhisheka celebration through the virtual reality videos. “Minute details of the performances can also be seen from anywhere in the world through this technology,” he concluded.