11th century jain tirthankar sculptures found in Dharwad

They were discovered during renovation of Sri Veerabhadreshwar temple

As many as two rare sculptures, belonging to the 11th century, have been unearthed while taking up digging for the renovation of a temple at Hebsur village of the district recently.

According to the Karnatak University Kannada Research Centre’s Museums Department supervisor S.K. Melakar and professor S.G. Chalvadi these are the images of the Jain Teerthankara Neminatha and a goddess of the Shaiva cult.

The sculptures were found when the workers dug the land as part of the renovation of the Sri Veerabhadreshwar temple located in the village.

The sculptures are four-and-a-half feet tall and three feet wide.

In the image, Neminath Teerthankara is sitting on a lion-headed throne in the meditative posture.

The image is unclothed and without any ornaments. A hallow too has been carved on the back side of the head. The throne upon which the teerthankara image is sting contains three images of lions. The lion located in the centre is carrying the weight of the throne.

The entire sculpture is carved in a single-stone and richly decorated with intricate artistic works. A two line inscription found at the bottom of the throne indicates that it was the image of the Jain Teerthankara Neminatha, they said.

Mr. Melakar and Mr. Chalvadi visited the village and have taken up the study on these sculptures.

They have also found some of the inscriptions found in this village in the past and are co-relating it to the 11th century.

Source: thehindu.com



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